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most Authentic standing table for modern spaces

  • 'You'ser Experience. Check.

    Accomplish your professional and well being goals with levitabl. Fully adjustable, easy to use and built to last.

  • Authentic Design x Simplicity

    Add character to your modern living space- our products are crafted not manufactured. Bamboo butcher block, inspiring design, mindful colors.

  • Easy Peasy Assembly

    Flat pack furniture is annoying to assemble. We couldn't agree more! With our pre-assembled core and allen wrench, setup is as easy 1..2...that's it.

Low Tech = Smart Tech

Sustainability in creation and motion: our standing tables use an innovative spring based elevation system, eliminate any electronic waste 

zero carbon in use | zero e-waste | fully recyclable | carbon neutral shipping

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Where is levitabl made?

levitabl is designed, engineered, built and supported in the United States. We primarily use local Indiana and Midwest suppliers for all of our components. Our operations are based out of Bloomington, IN.

What are the materials being used?

Our table top is made out of 100% sustainable FSC certified bamboo. The core is comprised of primarily aluminum with some steel components, making it  light weight and strong, while being 100% recyclable. Zero electronics and zero plastics are used in our products.

What are the specifications?

The table top is 36 in L x 24 inch W and 1 inch thick- perfect size for your home. The table can support a sitting height of 31 in to a max standing height of 44 in - comfortable for someone up to 6 ft in height.